18 September 2010

New Music

Lately I have been finding new music and being completely inspired by it.  For instance, Uprising by Muse is just fabulous.  I can totally picture 3 guys in dark leather, stubble, cold eyes, and swirling fog curling around their legs and they walk purposely down a dark, wet - but not rained upon - alley.  They are walking towards some thing or some one that is very fearful of them and should be so.  They aren't really out to kill or hurt, but they will prove a point, a warning of sorts, a statement.  Do not mess.  I see it over and over again each time I hear that song and each time I get more and more details in that "story snippet."

I found Muse through an author that I like.  I actually found quite a few singers and songs that I love through a few soundtracks.  The movies, not so great, the music, fabulous.  On many videos of these songs are people saying oh my gosh -- fill in some expletives as you see fit -- these people are so - expletive - they only like this music because of such and such, they aren't true fans.  Or I saw one band member say, I feel as though I sold my soul to the devil by allowing them to use our song for this soundtrack.

You know what I say?  No, you're ridiculous.  I don't think you really get what you think you get.  The type of music you listen to does not define you.  It may fill in details.  Why does me finding this song from this source make me appreciate it any less?  Why does me finding this music from this source make me less of a fan?  Why does it make me less than them?  Where did you find it?  Did someone else introduce you to it?  What if that person was a horrible person, a "poser" - as they ridiculously say, or they turned their back on that music later on down the road?  Does that make your love for that music any less real?  No!  I would think the creators of said music wouldn't care where you heard or learned to love it from.  The fact that you love it, that it speaks to you should be enough.   Muse has been around for a long time and unfortunately for me, I just found them in the recent times.  I probably know some of their songs unknowingly, but now have a name for them and seek them out.  Fortunately for me, I did find them out.

Everyone just back off.

Now that I'm done with all that, I do have to say that the soundtracks I am referring to are the Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse soundtracks.  They really contain great great great music.  The acting - that's another long long post.  The music is beautiful.  Well, to me at least, that's totally my style.  Actually, I have lots of styles that I love, but I can listen to these 3 over and over and over again without tiring.  That says a lot.

Done and done.

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