16 September 2010

A Challenge

I am a writer at heart. Therefore, I could probably stand to do some writing up here.  Test it out on my poor invisible, non-existent audience.

In a conversation I just had with my mother, literally I just hung up, she said you should write a journal, or hey a blog - have you heard of those?  ummm... yeah, I have 3 that I don't write a lick in and I follow at least 25 blogs everyday.  So -- I thought -- since probably no one in the right mind is still reading this blog I could take a chance and just write what's on my mind and see where it leads me.  Probably just the practice of writing will exercise (after 27 years I can finally spell this word correctly on the first try, that and restaraunt restaurant) my brain and writing muscle.  -- there's another one of those words that sometimes alludes me.  Muscle, in the sense of spelling, not in being.  I am rather muscular -- compared to a baby.

Subsequently (a nod to my husband), here I am.  Writing.  Absolutely nothing in particular.  And doing it improperly as well.

I recently finished a series, well the series isn't finished just incomplete.  It is the Lady Julia Grey series by Deanna Raybourn.  Very good.

My mother in law and sister in law (i am too lazy to put proper dashes in) both recommend me the series ages ago.  For some unknown reason I never read them.  Why?  It has everything I love about a story.  It's in London, it's in the 1800's, it's a mystery, and it's a love story.  Seriously, all my favorite elements in one.  Like Anne Perry.  Another one is C.S. Harris, she has a great series as well!  What made me chortle, yes chortle, is my sinful reaction to a statement that my sister in law, heretofore named Becky, said one evening.  We were sitting around the fire, okay, at Grandma's house.  We were discussing with a dear aunt this series and the c.s. Harris' series.  I had but read 10 pages of the first book, but this aunt and Becky had read all 3 of this and all 4 of the other.  keeping up? probably not.  Said Becky, "auntie, you would love the St. Cyr series (c.s. Harris), it is very similar to the Lady Julia Grey series."  Said I, "I don't think auntie would appreciate St. Cyr, it may be a bit too scandalous for her good and virtuous nature."  Said aunt, "I don't know, she may be right, the Lady Julia grey series was a bit dark. . . " leaving a suspenseful and mysterious trail to her sentence.  Becky said, "oh, the St. Cyr series is just as scandalous as the Lady Grey series, but a bit more violence and detail."

Can I just say that at the beginning I did say that it was a sinful thought.  My heart lept!  How fun!  Scandalous!  Whoop whoop!  I can't wait to read this whole book, nay the whole series, right now!  Where are the scandalous bits?  I had to keep my hand from flipping the pages so I could skim them for some naughty kiss in a darkened room, unchaperoned!  Ooh ho!

I have yet to spell scandalous correctly.  Do not be confused, I have gone back to amend these errors, I just wish to point out that I have made them every time I have the word was writ.

I do not know what to make of myself of late.  I am turning into a regular diddy.  I look forward to the scandalous bits and want them to appear more in the pages of the books I read.  I do not want any full on scandal or written porn, but I do want love that burns so passionately that they are helpless to each other's presence.  Okay, that sounds like porn.  No, I just mean, I want them to be in love love, and I want to experience the love they share.  I do not want an overly intimate play by play, I just want to read the times that they looked at each other across the room or touched one another's hand in the tenderest of moments.  Neither of those are scandalous (they actually were in the 1800's in England).  I want them to embrace tightly and kiss with an almost desperation, I want them to stroke one another's cheek and hold each other when they suffer or are joyful.  When they are wed, I sometimes want a peek at their intimacy.  Not really the actual acts involved, but that they are intimate.

Am I going to get in trouble for writing this?  Absolutely.  Well, only, if someone reads it.  Someone will, I am sure.  When my hubby is out there running for some public office, someone will run across this and see... oh Mr. Blabbitty-blah's wife is full of scandal and naughtiness!  He cannot possibly lead this city/state/country to freedom and happiness!  She will ruin us all with her flagrant disregard for propriety and her lack of virtue.

Well, the young women at church do always say, you're a good bad influence.  They must be mind readers.

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Lisa said...

YAY! I haven't given up on the hopes you'd come back to the blogging world! I have missed your fun personality! Your blog has never left my column that tells me when someone has posted recently! Hope you keep it up! Love you!