10 December 2009

Tried Tutorials

I may be treading on dangerous ground here!  I am a tutorial junky!  Who isn't, right?  I love blogs that have tutorials!  I do love blogs for many other reasons too, don't worry, I'm not just strictly a mooch!  I am also a project list addict.  I have to always have an eternal list of projects to do someday.  I have filled up 4 pages front and back with lists of projects I have to do!

                                                            photo courtesy of V and Co.
So... I am going to post about all the tutorials I've tried from blog-land.  I am going to be honest (which is why this may be dangerous) about whether the tutorial was clear, easy, etc, etc.  I will post my efforts, failures, and successes.  I may lose friends, I may be blacklisted, but hopefully we'll all be wiser for it.

                                                          photo courtesy of Crafterhours

I will also be sharing my real reviews of sewing books.  I have to be honest, I have a ton of sewing project books from well-known women in the blog-land.  Some of my reviews aren't as glowing as I've seen around blogs.  Yes, I do love these women, but if it takes me 2 hours too long to figure out their drawings/instructions/wording, I am going to say something about it!  Don't worry, I'm not a Negative Nelly!  Nor am I Rude Rudy! I am Positive, Constructive, Loving, and Honest Shelly!!

                                                                               photo courtesy of Ruffles and Stuff

I will write pros and cons about each tutorial/project.  I will write if I did something differently, if it was user error, or ideas for making it a bit easier for you.

                                                          photo courtesy of One More Moore

Get excited!

Oh!  I will be developing my own tutorials to be put under the microscope! 


ETA: I have not yet tried the tutorials in the pictures in this post!  They are still on my list of ones to try!  These are just preview of tried tutorials to come!

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