10 December 2009

First Up

Okay, this is a simple easy tutorial just to get things going.

photo courtesy of craftstylish 
I found this tutorial last year, and then SimpleMom reminded me of it this year. Since I love the look of snow, but really don't like the feel of snow [freezing, slippery, and freezing some more], I loved this idea!  We are in the beautiful northwest with perfect weather: we get winter without the snow!

I bought floss 88 cents at Walmart and the stickers 560 in a pack for $1.68.  We have a large 5 foot window downstairs that I picked to decorate.

                                               clearly I'm no photographer.

Pro: Easy, cheap, and lovely when finished.

Con: Time consuming, and easy to get pulled down by my 2 year old.

                            a little better.  It would be nicer without blinds, but I like my privacy.

Summary: It was fun picking random patterns to put the dots on.  I ran out of dots for my huge window so I made some of the strands short and some long.  This is probably good since the first few days after I put these up I spent numerous times picking them up off the ground.

Next time:  I will buy more dots.  I bought 2 floss thingys and only used one.

My changes: It said to tape them up with masking tape.  I don't have masking tape so I used some of the spare dots.  When I noticed I was running out of dots I changed them out for white duct tape that I had.  (remind me to show you what we did with our white duct tape).  When my daughter pulled off some of the dots and ate them (she must've been hungry enough to eat paper, well she does think everything is candy!), I used a piece of white duct tape to repair the damage.

My daughter has stopped touching the snowstorm now and thinks it's very cool!

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