09 December 2009

missing her brother

It's certainly been fun to have Benji go off to preschool.  Jenee is always asking for her big brother.  Where's Benji?  I want Benji!  It's so sad.  I try to take her to the park to cheer her up, and yet the swing just doesn't swing the same without Benj. 

I let her stay up a bit longer before going down for a nap so she can have some good alone time playing.  She usually just puts herself to sleep instead.  Jenee just lays there in sorrow and then drifts off to slumber.  She pops off her pillow (I've moved her to her bed by then) asking for Benji right away.  Thank goodness though, she is playing by herself at this moment. 

I think it's incredibly important for my children to get some alone time.  In my personal opinion, a healthy person is someone who can enjoy being alone as well as being with people.  I love being alone and crave some quiet quiet time.  I need quiet and solitude to be able to center myself.  I hope to bring this to each of my children.  They need to be alone to reflect and re-center themselves.  Also, they need to be with others to reflect and re-center themselves in different ways. 

Enough of that.  I love my little girl's sad sad face.

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