17 October 2008

mmmm... so inviting

I've got a new obsession - design*sponge. Yes, I've known about it for quite awhile, but I just get lost in their site for hours upon hours. I know it's bad to lust after all the furniture and yummies, but I can't help it! I want, I want! I need, I need!

Isn't this beautiful and inviting! It's so cheery. I could definitely see myself sitting there sketching out designs and ideas, even writing letters and notes to people I love. I think I could just sit there and gaze into the flowers until I'm summoned to wipe a face/bum.
This is in the sneak peak of the hammerpress studio. This is their business card bar! I want to have this so I can bake, cook, craft, sketch, sew, etc etc. My brother and I are going to be designing and building our own furniture line, and this layering of the different woods was already in several of our designs when I stumbled upon this beauty! Yay! It's gorgeous! I guess I'll just have to wait to build a special one just for me!

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