28 September 2008

the last bits

I am sitting here at the computer thinking there's so much to be done when in fact, there isn't. It's all been done. Why is that so hard to accept? It makes me laugh! We're packed, I've even packed everything we're still using. It still hasn't sunk in yet that we're really leaving. Today was my last day at our church, but it didn't feel like it. The house is clean, my hair is freshly cut, the kids are scrubbed, their hair is freshly cut - along with Nick's. Now all I have left is 1 asl class, and to finish sewing things for my friends. Reminder - Mimi if you're reading this I need your fabric!!

I guess I'll go soak up and enjoy being done 1 week ahead of time. It's a little disorienting though. I keep thinking I'm forgetting something very important.

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Jason and Ashley said...

I don't know whether to cry or be excited that you at least have a blog so I can keep in touch, and Utah is a place we often visit other family and friends!! So, I know we will be able to see each other again! But, I am going to miss you and your kiddos. They are so stinkin cute and so fun to babysit! I just wanted you to teach me all about sewing, but I was just awaitng getting that sewing machine of mine- I shouldn't have waited:( You guys take care and travel safe! Call me this week if you are up for one last play date before you have to go for good- or if you need your own play date and I can watch your kids!:)

You are such a sweet friend and anyone is going to be blessed that meets you and your precious family!