17 September 2008

dress and breathing

Here's one of the dresses I've made from Amy Butler's new book, that I just love! I've made another, I just don't have any pictures of Nee' Nee' wearing it. I'll have her wear it this week so just you wait!

I finished an apron I made for Seda, that is adorable! I just have to adjust a few things on it for length - I had to guess how big she was. I'll post pictures of that too when it's done.

Rude, I know for mentioning things and not even having pictures to match. Why read a blog without pictures, seriously?

So here's one of me during the hurricane when we didn't have power. I've got a head lamp on, a flashlight in hand, and my son's blanket as a cape - I'm super light lady (and I'm not referring to my weight). Just trying to get some humor from the situation. Hopefully I've made a big enough fool of myself on this here blogosphere. Keep in mind I've got no makeup on, unless you count the previous day's goop under my eyes.

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LauraBeth said...

Shelly, the dress is SO cute! You are so talented. Love, Aunt Laura