16 September 2008

Stressed a bit too much

Well, Ike has left us, but he's left us with knocked down power lines, trees, cell towers, lights, and long long long lines for gas stations and grocery stores.

Last night Nick and I tried to go out to dinner for my birthday, but it was not to be. The restaurant we wanted to go to (30 mins. away) was closed and by the time we came back to our side of town the others were all closed due to "curfew." Curfew is at 9pm so you can't get in after 8pm. Oh well. It's just as well, Nick was REALLY car sick - probably due to my crazy angry driving.

I'm only crazy angry because I'm totally stressed out. I don't know why, but for the past week I've "had it up to here" all day every day for no real reason. I seriously need a vacation. When I say vacation I mean I'm the only one floating on an air mattress in the middle of a warm pool under a perfect warm sun (not too hot) with a light breeze. Drinks and snacks magically appear at my side when I think of them. When I'm done floating around then I can watch any girly movie I want, eat whatever I want, read whatever I want. Then if I want to do something productive I can, but only when I feel like it and without anyone interrupting. heaven.

Family stayed with us during the ike extravaganza, and it was wonderful to see them and have them close. I was so stressed that the kids were going to drive them crazy and that they'd think "those are horrible children!" I still have to get it into my head that even if you're a good parent it doesn't mean your kids will always be good. More important, if your kids behave badly at times it does not mean you're a bad parent. Oh, if only I could totally accept it. They were pretty good, just a tidge whiny and stressed by the activity going on.

Family is all gone now, but Mom is flying in tomorrow morning to help out with Grandma E. She is having a hard time (she is 93). That means I have 1 naptime to make sure this house is cleaner than clean! Yikes! I don't know if I'm going to be able to do it!

Obviously, I'm not doing it right now. I am procrastinating big time. Wednesday is anti-procrastination day, not tuesday. More on that later.

Let the cleaning begin. Hardy har har har...

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