12 September 2008


Hurricane, go away, come again another day (or not); little children, little children, little children want to play.

well, things are a bit crazy here in Houston. Hurricane Ike is headed our way, so we're hunkered down for now, waiting for the power to go out.

Will update everyone on how we're doing as we're able.

Grandmama, Grandpapa, and Kenneth are with us as well, so if you can't reach them on their cell phones, try our house phone.

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Rebecca said...

Shelly? From Sugarland 1st Ward....this is green growing grass!! So really I wasn't sure if this was you or not, and it took a min for me to find a picture of you....and before I found one I noticed your toe in one of your pictures of your sewing stuff(I know this is sounding really weird, and I thought it is Shelly Rubalcaba (sp?) that is her toe!! don't ask me how in the world I remember your feet??! Anyway This is Becky McKay ....married and 1 baby later...Rebecca Mitchell.
Wow that was a lot of babbeling. Can I say that I am so excited I found you!!! You are one person I really wondererd if I would ever talk to again, you just vanished from my life. Anyway, I really look forward to keeping in touch, that is if I havn't scared you off with the toe thing :) You are such a wonderful person, finding you today has made my day, no no my weekend!! By the way I get headachs too after several lame hours of rearranging my blog layout. One because I'm so computer retarded, and two because nothing makes me happy...I just can never make up my mind.

I hope you have a wonderful day!
ps if this isn't you Shelly, then sorry for the long rambles.