10 September 2008

Amy Butler help

I am so impressed with Amy Butler! Of course I'm in love with all of her fabrics and patterns, but I mean I'm impressed for another reason. I have her book, Little Stitches, and I have recently made an outfit and am in the midst of making a second one. I have yet to post the completed one, but it is beautiful! Well, I was struggling on one point in the instructions, my brain just couldn't grasp the instructions that were written - I am an extremely visual learner and need pictures and diagrams for everything. This book has 1-2 diagrams per pattern. So I just do a lot of re-reading. It's still easy to do, except for this dumb sleeve. I couldn't figure it out. I sewed, and ripped out stitching, I re-sewed it and it didn't look right. Then I did 2 fake sleeves on throwaway fabric so I wouldn't ruin the nice fabric. I still didn't get it the way I wanted it. So, I emailed Amy Butler's company for help. A wonderful woman, Dianne, emailed me back right away and gave me her personal cell phone number so that we could talk about it! Holy CROW! Are you kidding me? I can talk to her? I have been super busy all day and am exhausted, so I won't be talking to her until tomorrow morning, but so far I'm mega impressed and so so grateful.

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