21 October 2008

tea love

I love this dress! I can't really tell if the white on the bottom is the lining, or if it is the hem. I want to make this dress and make the white part the lining - or maybe make it the fuchia color and still the lining.

At first glance I thought this dress was pleated, but it's just stripes. It's still really pretty! I want to make a pleated one!

Well, everyone knows how much I love green! Those sleeves are just darling! I love Jenee' with poof sleeves.

Poor boys, they just didn't have as much cute things. I do love this argyle vest though. With a little white with pinstripes shirt and nice pants, this would melt my little heart! I would definitely give in and give him some fruit snacks! did i mention this was from tea?

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