11 April 2008

*not so well

I found this recipe online (http://melissagoodsell.typepad.com/day_to_day/2008/01/holiday-activit.html) for microwave puffy paint. It seems like fun, but I guess I have to have a child that's more interested in painting the paper than himself with it to see it's real results. I made the 3-eyed monster, unfortunately, we only had 2 colors of food coloring, so the pictures aren't so pretty, but the idea is great. Benji did the top one, with lots of prompting. The other one is me showing him to paint and him scribbling with the q-tips.

Here's the caterpillar project gone bad. This is the body of it, after it was torn to bits. He had legs, eyes, and pom-poms all over until Benji thought they didn't belong. The only thing he really was interested in was putting the pom-poms in the glitter glue. Maybe when he's older he'll be more interested in these types of things.

Here are its legs and body parts after I picked them up from around the house. So sad!
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