05 October 2010


I am trying to gather my thoughts for November.  It is going to be a big month for me.  NaNoWriMo is the month of November.  It'll be my first year to participate, and if all goes well, not my last.  I have two web badges here that you can click on to find out more.  One is to indicate that I am a participant.  The other is just because it gives a snippet of what it is about and I couldn't help but put it up there.  If only I had a green typewriter to go with it.

I encourage all of you (all zero) to participate if writing is your thing.  I'm trying to get my mother to do so... I will have to call her hubby to tell him so he'll force her to do it with me.

Right now I'm having a hard time deciding which story to use.  Do I want to use the one that I have been thinking about and really putting my energy into thoughts and planning of it? Or do I want to use the one that I've only just thought of, that I will do someday, but isn't on my mind nearly as much?  My hesitation is that you're writing it in 30 days.  No editing, just writing.  Do I want to use the idea I have and love and likely do it poorly.  Granted, I will have the next months and months to edit it.  Or do I want to use a fresh idea without fear of it turning out poorly, but risk burning out on writing it and not wanting to write for months while I heal from carpal tunnel?

Thoughts indeed.

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