04 November 2008

election day stress

Here are some posters I've found here that are pretty cool. What's good about them is that they are party neutral. Just vote people! Save us from disaster!

I am so stressed, I think I'm going to hide away until the day is far over! I don't want to know what happens until tomorrow. I already have the tendency to stress way too much. For heavens' sake, I stress when watching silly movies and reading children's books.

Of course I'm going to get 500 ulcers today. I have been ignoring all the news lately. It's all the same anyhow.
No one really wants to know the truth, it's all what the media has decided to make us choose. I am so angry with them. When did they change? They weren't even trying to hide their bias. I want a media that really wants to share the truth, not their agenda. So I stopped supporting them.
I have been praying my guts out for our Father in Heaven to save this country from idiocy and ignorance! I feel like the time of wicked King Noah - if the majority of the people are wicked, so then will be our leader. Then we are toast. If the majority of the people are righteous (and do something about it) then we will be better off.

I just wish people would stop being fanatics: screaming, accusing, and ignoring everything and just listen and start to think.

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