29 October 2008

I forgot about costumes!

Halloween is this friday, in case you forgot. I'm not that big on halloween - it's just another thing to spend money on something unimportant in the scheme of things. Silly for me to think that way, I know. I loved halloween as a kid! I still like it and everything, it's just when it comes down to it I don't like that I have to spend money on a costume when I need that money for something else (new shoes, christmas presents, root canals, oh and diapers).

that being said, I am going to dress up my kiddos. I've been looking for some fun homemade costumes and found a few cute ones on martha stewart.... but are they going to be that much
cheaper this way? I'm not quite sure. well, the cheap ones are pooopy looking. I don't like character costumes (scooby, dora, spiderman, etc).
I love these two, but there are some key things I'm missing: everything! I don't have any of it, except the child. I was thinking of these two for jenee', but I still haven't found something for Benji. If I made jenee' the chicken I could make him a rooster or an egg. Or her an egg. or him a wolf to go with the lamb. oohh, but how!
any ideas?? help me!

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