15 August 2008

tulip dress

Here's my little tulip. I didn't get a great photo shoot - I didn't think about it until 5 minutes before we left for church. If I didn't get them right away she wouldn't be neat and tidy after church! The top gave me troubles and I had to re-cut them out and used precious fabric.
This is my own pattern, though it was inspired by Katiedid (she is amazing). The top is bunchy - it'd fit best if she had boozies, but I don't want her to have any yet. I made it shorter because she's crawling and gets so mad when she gets caught up on her skirts. It's a wrap dress, with ties on the inside and button closure on the front. I even got her bow to stay in her hair by an idea I read here. Elmer's glue. The karo syrup and honey just left a mess with the bow lost somewhere.

cute little toes!

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Melissa Goodsell said...

The dress looks beautiful, so bright and funky! What a cutie too :)
Thanks for linking me in your sidebar,