18 August 2008

like and loathe

I thought I'd be a bit different in my post title today.

I like my camera (thanks Nick) and I hate it. It's a canon powershot A640. I have tried and tried to change my settings - shutter speed, aperture, etc. and yet my camera won't let me do it to the settings I want!

My camera claims it's being shaken like a mad dog and blurs everything.

Yes, she does have a nose.

no, this isn't a still from the movie, "the Ring"

The only way it'll be crisp is if there's a flash involved. Translates to mean I can't take anything close up. I try and try to step back and then zoom in and it won't work! It looks focused and then the minute I push the button blur mania! Then the flash makes everyone white and spooky looking. I've tried to fiddle with the flash settings... oh! whine whine whine complain complain complain.

trying to hide the flash..

When my camera behaves the pictures have good color and are crisp. It's a 10 mega pixel so they are good quality. The camera is mostly easy to use (when you're not doing advanced things). It's black with silver buttons (all down her back back back).

My son has hurt my poor camera. You know when you turn it off the lens retracts and then a shutter type thingy closes over the glass part? (admire my camera speak) well, it doesn't close anymore. They used to close but wouldn't open all the way and there'd be a shadow over my photos. ha ha. now they don't close, but they're open all the way because my son jammed them with his tiny little fingers. I can't complain too much though - there's no shadow over my pictures.

on the top corners you can see the shadow.

If only I had a gajillion dollars and after paying off debts, buying a house, and a new van-like car for myself, a car for Nick, and decorating said house with minimal but beautiful and functional things, equipping my children's playroom with intelligent hand-made toys, learning activities, and craft supplies I would then equip my craft room (or warehouse) with all the necessary things to sew, craft, scrapbook, photograph, and beautiful my life with. Oh, can you just imagine what it would look like? I can... walls covered with photographs of family, artwork done by my husband, children and myself. Fabric in organized shelves, drawers, displays. Camera equipment with a little studio to take family photos with. Computer, scanner/printer/copier, stacks of scrapbooking paper, drawers and jars and baskets filled with buttons, ribbon, notions, embellishments. Board covered in ideas for my next 30 projects. Thread, embroidery floss, embroidery hoops, needles, quilts, books and books. Overstuffed chairs, flowers, sunshine, bright happy green and blue walls. Comfy floor, music (but I do love silence best), magazines, pictures and the sounds of my children playing happily in the room with me. My husband would be curled up on the chair with a book, or engaged in a lively conversation. Oh I could cry with joy! Oh please oh please let this happen! Since it's a dream I can put any and all equipment in there that I want. If it's to come to reality - I can part with some of it (a few skeins of embroidery floss, a few yards of fabric, and some camera equipment). Now to find a job for my husband!

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