25 July 2008

ugly ugly

I don't even want to post a picture of it.

I don't want people to know I made it.

I'm a sucker for pity though.

I slaved for 2 days on this half apron. The 1st day was spent trying to decide what I wanted to make exactly. Then cutting. The 2nd day (and by days, I mean nap times) was spent sewing, and then re-working.

Everything that could go wrong did. The first pockets I designed didn't turn out, so I decided on one side having a kangaroo pocket, and the other side having a square pocket with ruffle trim. The pockets are the only things I like on the whole dumb thing.

I planned on what fabric to use without really remembering the fabric's qualaties. My mother bought me this fabric (thanks ma) in toronto, and I've been fretting over what to sew with it. This apron is made out of my least favorite fabric of the loot (she bought me tons of different kinds. also - don't feel bad mom about it being my least fav.), so I chose it to use first because I wasn't as attatched to it. I thought it was a heavy weight cotton. No, I think it's polyester or something. When I was cutting it I wasn't paying too much attention, and then thought - hey this has a bit of stretch to it. While sewing I thought - hey this has a LOT of stretch to it. hey - this is stretching too much! Hey - this isn't looking right!

My ruffle for the edge was short 5 inches, so I had to sew on an extender. My thread broke a few times for the ruffle and the gathering of the skirt part. Then sewing on the waistband, the fabric stretched so funkily (no matter what I did) that it twists a bit on the side. I was pretty upset. At that point I thought, you know what I don't care anymore.

After looking at the apron, before sewing on the ties, I thought -snap dragon! this is ugly! The fabric is so heavy, it's poofy, it's not laying right, and thank goodness I'll probably spill bleach on it next week. I do love the pockets though! I didn't sew pockets on my 1st apron, and I really want some.

So I have a reversible apron, that's ugly on both sides. it's ugly ugly...
here's the proof:

You may think, hey it's not that bad. that's what I thought when I saw the pictures. Then I looked in the mirror. oh no, it's that bad.
Just so everyone knows, I have not lost any more weight - which is why I still look pudgy. don't judge me; I like my cookies.

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