25 July 2008

cute, but.

I got to go to another baby shower this week! I love sewing baby gifts - hello! I took the handmade pledge, so I have to sew something! yipee.

Sewing has NOT been going well for me lately. I'm in a sewing funk. How many wee wonderful bears have I made? 6. that's right, and this last one was the worst. Ok, it wasn't really that bad, but the bottom part was wonky. which was a good thing that I had planned on putting a skirt on.

I was very excited to do this one because I thought of doing bloomers with a skirt - and I was proud of myself for thinking of it without anyone else already doing it (to my knowledge). The gingham fabric was very thin, so it got a bit wonky during the stuffing phase.

the scalloped blanket had a few tucks and folds in it. One scallop was wonky.

I am just so blah with my sewing lately. I'm not doing anything differently, but everything is coming out almost good enough. I thought I should take a break, so I stopped sewing for a couple of days, but I can't, I have too many projects swirling around in my head that if I stop they get even more backed up.

on a happy note, I do love the fabric! Oh, i really just think I'm still ticked about the apron I just did.

i'm still happy so no worries.

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