01 July 2008

sewing frenzy, again

Well, I've been on another sewing frenzy. Although, truthfully a lot of it has been going on in my head. How is that possible?? I think about so many different projects I want to so much, that it's almost like I've done them. I have found a shirt pattern I want to do, but I've analyzed it so much and thought about, what I can do to it to make it different, "mine", that I've spent more time thinking about it than it would if I'd just sit down and sew it. I made this dress for Jenee' a while back, but it's too big. It's a wee bit frustrating because I checked and quadrouple checked the measurements to make sure they were right, and they always came out the same. I did want the dress to be looser, mostly because she grew out of the yellow dress I made for her after the 2nd time she wore it. Depressing. I just wanted to have her be able to wear it longer. She can wear it now, it's a wee bit baggy. When she's grown out of it as a dress though, she can wear it as a shirt, easily. So that's pretty exciting!!

She was not happy with the photo shoot, I just thought she was too cute for words, so I let her cry while I kept clicking. I didn't plan on her having the onesie on with the dress, but I didn't want to strip her all the way down, seeing as how she wasn't happy to have the camera in her face. The ties on the dress aren't really my favorites, I wish I'd had the patience to make my own better matching ones than the premade ones I had. They match, the greens are the same, but it's just not as nice. I'm thinking I might add some rickrack to green fabric on bottom. *Note: she has grown since I made this dress 2 weeks ago, so it is fitting a bit better.

I just went to a baby shower for a girl in our ward, and I found this *adorable* (times 23) fabric and I just went nutso with all the things I made her! I didn't want to give them away they were so darn cute! I stopped myself from making too many things, it was going to be ridiculous (1 blanket, 3 bibs, 1 diaper holder, 1 burp cloth, 1 bear). All the things were very simple and quick to make. Sewing is sooo incredibly addicting. Out of all the crafting things I love to do (there's too many to list), sewing is by far my favorite. For the bear, (wee wonderfuls pattern) I wish I could say I was inspired to come up with the adorable skirt. Nope, sknittymama (I'll have to double check to make sure that's the right name) on flikr came up with it first. however, i did think of the rickrack "choker" .. I also embroidered a tiny heart on her left foot. Booyah. I was very excited about how beautifully it came together. the brightness of the fabrics is so cheerful! I have some leftovers of that fabric, and I'm going back to hobby lobby to buy some more of it, before it's all gone. I'll be making a whole thing for jenee', it's so fun! I might get enough (money willing) to make some of it into a quilt. oh, the projects are piling up before I even have a second to think of them. I tend to make things far more complicated than necessary. I just feel sorry they didn't have this fabric when I was scouring the store for some great fabric for Becky's gift. I thought the fabric was cute (it's cuter in person than on the pics), but this was by far cuter, and I think she would've enjoyed it much more! (sorry becks). Maybe when he sweet lil' brooklyn is a bit older (not in newborn stuff anymore) I'll send her some clothes and stuff. I'm not making any promises though. I'm desprately trying to find something for benji to sew - clothing wise. they have NOTHING for boys!! lame! I made his little bear out of gray and black, now i have the leftover material to make something out of for him, but I've gotta infuse some color into it! I'll keep trying.

I've started a quilt, but then I found more fabric for a different quilt, so I'm trying to finish the first one and not let my imagination run too wild about the 2nd one. Then I've got the hard task of not thinking of a 3rd one with the fabric in the pictures up there.

Oh by the way, I do have 2, yes 2, blogs. this one, for my sewing and crafting etc adventures. I did that so the people checking my 1st blog wouldn't have to read all this stuff that they may not find interesting. Not that many people will find this interesting in the first place, but it's kind of a journal for myself more than a place for others to come check out my "work". The point is, if you want to know what else we've been doing, check the other blog. There is a link at the top of page for "barlow bits."
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Rebecca said...

wow you are just so crafty...I'm green with talent envy