05 April 2008

*here kitty kitty

Here's my little kitty I just made this weekend; I think I'll name her Henrietta, or something atrocious. She isn't very pretty, or impressive. The kitty this pattern came from is much better looking, but you do what you can with the skills you have (or don't quite have yet). I used some fabric from a dress Jenee' was given, but just didn't work anymore. I learned how to blind stitch and blanket stitch for this project. Actually, I don't know how to blind stitch really. I had to use it to attach her head, so I went around her head like 4 times to try and make sure it was secure. I think by the time I went around the 3rd time I made a blind stitch up that seems to work. I'm sure Benji could rip her head off in about 2 seconds with one hand. It's supposed to be for Jenee', however it has buttons on it, and I'm not sure how well everything will hold on, so I'll let this one be for Benji, or just my enjoyment. It is fun to look at and realize I made it, and I want to do one again and see if I can't make it look even better, with really fun fabric. The second picture is fun, if I could get a good angle you'd see that she looks like she's going to pounce, or jump off the fireplace. I think her nose should be bigger, and you can't really see her whiskers too well b/c it blends in with the fabric. Ah well. I'm off to watch a movie and think over my next projects!!

Oh! this pattern came from Wee wonderfuls! I am awaiting the arrival of my pattern book so I can create some great softies and dollies for my babies and my friends' and family's babies! Yay! So, don't go making them before me so I can still make one and give it to you!
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