16 August 2012

Laugh it up!

My kids are hilarious.  They might even be funnier than your kids.  Let's call it a tie and still be friends.  Here are just a few samplings of what I've heard lately.  Nearly every time they talk I think, sheesh, that's a good status update/blog post/whatever.  Hilarity is their middle name.  I hope they'll always be funny. 

Sweet Cheeks is even funny now, she just can't share it in words.  I'll have to get a photo of it.  First, I'll have to charge the camera. Then I'll have to catch her unawares.  And make it not blurry.  Yeah, like that'll ever happen.

Little Miss:  Mom, I'm a good jumper.  I am soooo cool!

The Captain: We haven't kissed yet, we missed it!  Ugh.  Let's try again!  Come here.
Little Miss:  Nooo!!!! (bolts up the stairs)
The Captain: (exit, scene right - to chase after Little Miss)

The Animal: Oh!! Your hair looks like Wolverine!
Me: Gee, thanks.
The Animal: You're yellcome (welcome).

Little Miss: I don't like that jacket.
Me: Well I do!
a few minutes later...
Little Miss: Well, I like your jacket it just look sloppy.
Me: No it doesn't!
Little Miss: Yes it is.
Me: No- (oh heck why am I arguing with her about this?)

The Captain: Mom, there was green poop in the potty and it scared me!  I think I'm turning into the Hulk.

Me:  Who made this mess?
The Captain: The Hulk was destroying everything.
Me: Well, Hulk -
The Captain: I'm not Hulk anymore, I'm Dr. Banner.
Me: Well, Dr. Banner, you'd better clean it up.
The Captain: Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry
Me: (gave him a dirty look)
The Captain: I'm just teasing.

The Captain: I don't think I like that anymore.  (talking about some food item, I think)
Little Miss:  Are you crazy!?
The Captain: Ugh. Stop saying crazy all the time!
Little Miss: (hands on hip) That's what girls dos!! (do with an s an on the end, not does, but dos)

The Captain:  I want to play with [Sweet Cheeks] she is so cute.  She is a little stinker.

The Animal: I won't poop on your cereal anymore mom.
Me:  You what!?

No cereal was pooped on, thank heavens.

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