01 November 2010

NaNoWriMo Begins!!

I am sooo excited!  I have just written my first bits for my novel -- I'm still working on the title -- but I have only written for a few hours and I already passed today's goal of 1600.  I have written 2,001 words thus far!  Am I done writing for today?  No!  Although, as I am typing this that annoying feeling in my eyes that say I want to close, I want to sleep is popping up.  If only I drank coffee.  If only drinking a coke would have the same effect. Sadly, no.

I have told myself at least 8 times today to stop deleting what I just wrote, no matter if I already used the word Towards 7 times.  Just leave it.  You are to leave your internal editor with the evil monkeys while you write your nanowrimo novel.  I can edit the whole month of December.  And January.  And the rest of the year.  Just get it out is my mantra for November.  Just write it down, even if you're thinking about changing it in a few chapters.  If it's a green honda civic this chapter, I could change it to a white or black one later.  This month is about quantity and getting it done.  that's it.  Just write 50,000 words.  Who gives a rip if it's lame.  The fact that I can do it is the point.  They will be 50,000 words of the same story.  Not the word chocolate 50,000 times.  Right now Pizza sounds better.

I used my Typewell Program to start typing.  It is so much faster than conventional typing.  I can write a whole sentence like this:

Normal typing:

I just don't think that my mother has the time anymore to get chocolate and buttercream frosting at the store today.

TypeWell typing:

i jst d't jk jt my mjr has j time anymr t get chclte x bttrcrm frstg at j stre tdy

k's not rlly j best exmple sntnce jt i cld prbbly cme up wj, but k'l v t d for now  see how many less keystrks i v t use/  k's btfl1  i love m sme TW1

[It's not really the best example sentence that I could probably come up with, but it'll have to do for now.  See how many less keystrokes I have to use?  It's beautiful!  I love me some TypeWell!]

You see?

Just typing this blog post in a regular way is a waste of my energy.

Just typing this post is a waste of my novel writing time.

Gotta go before I decide to take a nap instead of writing.  Or watch Charlie's Angels instead of writing.

How about this -- I'll write another 1000 words today and then I'll take a break until later on today, or until tomorrow.  I gotta rack up words for this weekend.  I'll be at Time Out For Women in Portland, and I'll be missing 2 days of writing.  I can't fall behind! 

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JMay said...

How exciting! Congrats from a fellow writer to another ;-)