10 November 2009

I've been wanting these patterns for ages!


ETA: not sure why that didn't work, so here's the direct link to the page:


Ha! So you thought I'd start blogging by now... hello it's been over a year! Life is just so crazy that I'm trying to structure my life so that I can get things done and not be stressed and unhappy. That means I have to prioritize as well. So my blog has fallen by the way side and such. Still... my promise to come back full force is still happening. I'm about a couple weeks away from it.

Well, I do love reading my favorite blogs, and thanks to google reader, I can read a billion of them and not spend hours on the computer just keeping updated. Now when it comes down to really diving in, I could be on here for a week straight and still not read everything I want. The problem with reading blogs is that my project list increases past 1000 items. argh! when will I learn?? NEVER!

I do love then handmade dress patterns, and think they are just perfect. I would love to win these patterns, but since about 2000 people probably a vying for the same patterns, it will be slim. One can dream though. And anyway, it was a good reminder of her work and that I do want her patterns.

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