08 September 2008

moving, again?

I have posted this on Barlow Bits already, but felt the need to post it again. I do that a lot, cross posting. I don't know if I should continue to do that, but I just want to cover all my bases. Let me know if you find it annoying and/or confusing.

We are moving! Yay! or Boo! Depending on who you are.

We are moving to Utah somewhere between SLC and Provo. Nick is planning on going to BYU, but he'll probably work somewhere close to SLC. Who knows. We'll be going up there sometime at the beginning of October (word on the street is the first weekend) to stay at Nick's family's place until we find a job and a place to live. We'll be moved in by Christmas time.

We are excited to be moving forward in the "education chapter" of our lives (I'm sorry about the cliche - no one detests them as much as I do). Sad to leave behind my parents and family and new friends. Thank goodness there's this blog business that'll keep us updated on our life events and daily happening. I just need to convince the rest of my family to get a blog (Jared & Erica, Mom & Alan, Becky & Phil, Angelina, Laura & Steve, Sarah & Tom, Lawrence & Melba, Lyndsay and Chad, Scott and Cathy, Chad & Michelle, Tim & Zyzlila, etc etc). I mean seriously folks, it's much better than me barraging you constantly with the constant phone calls, nagging and begging you to tell me what's going on and sending me pictures! If you need a walk through tutorial to do it, I'd gladly help. I'll even set it up for you, but of course, you'd maintain it with pictures, stories, extras, etc.

Let's say, if you don't set one up before 2009 I'll post your full names, addresses, and phone numbers all over the internet.

Not really. Or really?

Well, we'll be seeing you (those of you that are there) in Utah soon enough.

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The Hall Kids said...

Our name is already all over the internet! Ha! So I can only create one blog at a time alright?