04 September 2008

bandana skirt

This is a bandana skirt I made, I was inspired by the bandana shorts on sew, mama, sew. I made the shorts, I just don't have a picture of it here. I made the skirt in 5 minutes - so easy.

However, I made the mistake of not washing the bandanas before sewing them. I didn't figure them for regular fabric, so when I washed the shorts the sewing got pulled from the shrinking. I can fix it, it's just a pain. I haven't yet washed the skirt because Jenee' hasn't worn it yet.

This is a mini tutorial on how I made it. Not that you need one.

It fits Jenee' who wears from 6-12 months size. It is about 18-19" wide (I roughly measured) and 8-9" long. I did french seams on the side seams.

French seams: sew 1/4" seam with right sides OUT. then turn wrong sides out and sew 3/8" seam. Iron seams to the side. Whatever you do make sure the second seam line is larger than the first. I love it because it encases raw edges.

Then hem to desired length. I did about 1-1 1/2" and then make a casing at the waistband 1" or however wide to fit your elastic. Put your elastic through with a safety pin and put it on your little one. Figure out where it needs to be. Take it off, sew the elastic down. Tada!

There is a twirly skirt tutorial that's way cooler you can use. I was planning on using it, but I wanted something extremely simple!

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