31 July 2008

paper magnet dolls

two posts in one day! well, just you wait, I'm really holding back from doing 3-4 posts.

I stole this idea from chasing cheerios. It's a fabulous one! She did this for her daughter's birthday. If you want the direct doll link, go to her site and get it: I know it's from The Small Object, but I'm not sure where on their site it is. I printed it off, water colored it in -- since that was my first time, it looks a wee bit funny (computer ink runs when mixed with water). I poor man laminated it (packaging tape) and stuck magnets on the back at the torso, bum, feet, and head. I then made clothes out of scrapbooking paper (and laminated with trusty tape: time consuming, yet effective). It was very fun to do! I stuck magnets on the backs of the clothes, shoes, hats, and then on the folder so they had a spot to go on.

I'd have to say my favorite part of this whole thing are his rosy cheeks. so cute!

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