20 July 2008

bias tape

I am not very happy at this moment! I am in the midst of making pajamas for my Benji from this pattern from habitual, and my bias tape is not working out! I have done it several times, and it's just aggravating for it to not work today! First off, I made the binding using Amy Karol's continual strip method, which has worked for me in the past and I think is genius, but oh no, not today! The first time my seams were switched -- one seam on one side and the other on the opposite side. Meaning, when the binding is folded in half, you'd see a seam (which would have pink thread on it b/c i was too lazy to switch thread). Soo... that didn't look too hot. Soo, second time: I make it, but when I go to cut my strips, my markings are off and then my strips turn out to be from 1 1/2 inches -3/4 inches wide -- very very wonky! I decide to try to make it work (by now I've used up the fabric I was going to use to make pj pants. I don't have enough to make shorts out of now and I'm not driving 30 minutes out of my way again to get more fabric!), but alas it is not going to work! not if I want the pj's to last - which I do. I'm making them to match his bear I made.

Just FYI - apparently I didn't know this. I bought a bias tape maker - wonderful - for 1/2 " binding - but it really makes 1/4 " double fold tape. Now I have to wait until there's more funds to go buy a 1" maker that really makes 1/2 " tape. Am I whining enough? No!! If it really makes 1/4" why not say it's 1/4" binding! Who leaves their tape unfolded? So, no pj's for benji and jenee' for a bit.

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