16 July 2008

baking, sewing, playing

jealous? you should be!

my week (i know it's only been 3 days so far) has been wonderful! I'm back to using my routines and staying on top of things and being organized. It truly is easier this way. I'm actually gaining time that I didn't know I had. I get 100x more done and because of it I am wiped out by the end of the day, forcing me to go to bed earlier, which in turn allows me to rise earlier: meaning I'll get even more done the following day! bliss!

I haven't posted so far this week because my camera batteries dies, leaving me no way to take pictures, nor post them. Actually, I just glanced at my printer and remembered there's a slot for my memory card on there! doh!

Well, since I'm behind, there are going to be several posts from one day. I don't know how you'll figure this out seeing as how the posts are in reverse order (newest on top), so you won't read this email unless you decide to read more than one post at a sitting. I do hope you do it. This post will just be a recap of what's been going on, then the other posts will be the actual sharing!

I've been sewing (of course) shirts, dresses, and pj's for the kiddos. I'm really looking for some cute boy clothes patterns and fabric! I made benji some pj's (the shirt is a bit wonky) from an old receiving blanket of his, and when Nick saw it this is our conversation.

Nick: that's girly looking.
Me: WHAT!? It is blue, red, and yellow striped.
N: No, that's light blue and almost pink, and yellow is a girl's color.
R: idiot.
N: (exit stage left) -- he didn't like that.

by the way, those are the shorts on benji. jenee' is wearing one of the shirts I made her. Her shorts are somewhere (we just had a diaper change, i can't be bothered to put them back on)

He's so funny sometimes, he is very into the whole "this is manly", "this isn't manly" thing. I'm not sure why he's so stuck in the gender thing, but he is. When Tim got married and he had to wear a lavender shirt and purple tie, you'd think someone was commanding him to do something illegal and obscene! he pouted and whined and fought it for weeks and the whole day he wore it! Another example, when we're watching tv at night we have a ceiling fan with a light in our living room. We're always battling with the lights. He wants them off, I want them on - I want to see what I'm doing (i think that's why they were invented)! When I win, you'll see him over there with his hand sheilding his eyes like he's staring into the sun! If I leave the room he dashes to the outlet slamming it off, "oohhh! I can finally see again!" drama queen! the light hurts his drama queen eyes! ha ha, don't i love him for it!!

well. back to business.

I've been baking as well. today I made cream puffs (yummm), 3 loaves of bread (mmmm), and later will be making me some rhubarb hand pies as seen here.

Last night I made shepherd's pie (which i love!); I've been trying out new recipes to see which ones I like best. Soon I will take the parts from each recipe and put into one grand and glorious recipe! BUT! I put a spin on it! Instead of baking it into one big 9x13 pan, I baked them in mini loaf pans and ramekins. I made 4 stuffed mini loaves and 2 ramekins full. So, we each got our own, and we'll have leftovers. Jenee' only got to eat the leftover mashed potatoes, no ramekin for her.

I've been starting montessori things with benji. i made color box #1, and will soon make color boxes #2 & #3. I made a color sorting activity as well. We've practiced pouring water and beans. We've been sweeping and cleaning and doing laundry together. I've tried to get him to help me cook, but so far he hasn't been interested. We've also been reading a lot more.

Last night was soo much fun! We were all in our study sitting around and playing. Benji had a cup of water with crushed ice in it (a la grandpa barlow), and the ice was freezing his tongue - oh my goodness - it turned him into a chatter box! He was talking so fast and so loud, mixed with laughter. Well, his talking wasn't actual words, except for a few doggy, daddy, and uh-oh's. While he was doing all this talking he was signing his story and pointing at pictures. Then he'd get so excited he'd clap his mouth with joy! Ha ha! I was crying I was laughing so hard. This went on for quite a while, then the ice ran out and so did his energy.

He moved on to instigate a pillow fight. He loves it when Nick knocks him over with a pillow (i sure don't love it)! He rests the pillow on his head and gets face to face with you and then "launches" it a few inches. When it's his turn to get hit with the pillow he stands there with his eyes all scrunched up and his whole body is bracing for the big hit.

He said a few new words last night too! "ready" and "go" we'd be holding the pillow and he'd shout "ready..go!", then we'd throw it. obviously. nick and i freaked when we heard it the first time! yay! new words! if you know us in real life, you know that's a big deal - he doesn't say many words, but he signs quite a bit. so, we're cheering and egging him on. i'm sure one day we'll regret this, but hey- most 2 year olds are speaking in paragraphs already, why can't i get excited for a few words here and there? I won't bore you with the rest, let's just say it went on for quite a while longer.

Benji has been developing so much lately. His little imagination is growing and blossoming. You can see his little brain working, it's great! He still won't do dress up or anything, what a bummer! I wanted to play pirates, super heroes, and stuff with him! I wanted to have an excuse to sew more things! Since he's been late with a lot of other things, I'm sure this will come, if not, Jenee' will do it!

speaking of jenee' - she's crawling! not fast, but still she can do it. She hates it when she gets on the wood part of the floors though; she immediately cries! She is very mommy centered right now - her life is horrible if i'm not in view. it's very sweet. I wish i had sewn that mei tei so i could've carried her around (she's far too big now for the baby bjorn). She and benji have so much fun together now! they play and laugh at eachother, it's heart warming! he is so sweet to her, and she just can't get enough of him! when she's watching him run around she gets quite upset if he's out of eye sight. she is such a cutie pie. she's getting good day time sleep, but she still wakes up all night and wants mommy to be her pacifier. lame!

(I'll fix all the uncapitalized i's later, i'm too busy right now)

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