14 June 2008


i finally got my copy of "the Creative family" by amanda blake soule. it's a fabulous book, i just wish there were more projects and ideas for applying her thoughts. I guess I wanted more projects for me to add to my never ending list. Don't misunderstand me, i still LOVE the book! It has the idea of a bedtime bag - soo cool!! I'm going to make me some (one for each kiddo), then I might see if I can make a morning bag, the same concept, but obviously for morning things to see if it simplifies, or maybe complicates things. If it complicates it in a fun way, then I'll go ahead with it (the morning bag)!! When I'm done, I'll post the end result.

I'm still wearing out my copy of "bend the rules sewing". i made a couple more of the bags. I just might make some bibs for jenee'. i forgot that i don't just have to make them as gifts, I can actually use them myself.

I'm wanting more and more and more books and fabric, but I just can't right now. I've got to slooow down a bit.

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