29 May 2008

last sewing spree post

I made a quiet book for benji/jenee'/rest of the future kids (if it lasts that long). It turned out pretty good, there are parts of it that didn't turn out as well. It took forever, and I still have some kinks to work out. Here are a few pictures of it, I didn't post pictures of every page - you'd get bored.

What's inside:
Flower garden (button on flowers)
bedroom (open shade and put people in and out of bed)
road (drive cars around track)
apple tree (apples in and out of basket)
fishing pond (fish for fish)
faces (make silly faces with several pockets filled with hair, eyes, noses, ears, and mouths)
veggie/fruit garden (plant and pick your crops)
doggies (feed the dogs their bones
color match (match color squares
final page (notebook and pencil in there for drawing)

I had a couple of other pages I wanted to put in there, but the book was huge already! The pictures I took were not so great - there wasn't good light in the room and my camera and I don't get along sometiems.

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Burk Family said...

I am so jealous that you know how to sew. I can do a semi-straight line and that is about it. Plus my machine stinks. I love your quiet book, though. What a cute idea. I need one of those. Carter would love it.