18 April 2008

*here mousey mousey

I got this mousey and bed tutorial here. I did get a little creative and gave him whiskers! I was quite proud of myself of thinking of adding it, and being able to. I know, it's really not that grand of an addition, but it made me feel good inside. It's funny. I have found sooo many crafting things to make I'm going nuts trying to choose which one to do first. I think it's more for me than for the kiddos. This was super easy to make, about an hour tops to do - well - for someone less experienced like myself, it took a wee bit more than that (plus i do have 2 kiddos to attend to). You can see his cute face, his profile, he's eating cheese, and then finally, snuggling in for a nice nap.

I know, it's too cute! Thanks Mollychicken!! Some of you may find some of these sent to you in the mailbox, just pretend you're as excited about it as I am!

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