31 March 2008

*when inspiration strikes

I currently have another blog, its sole purpose is to update anyone who cares (mainly family) about my family's comings and goings. Unfortunately, it's no updated often, and is a bit boring for me to do. I thought I'd give this a go: a blog for me. Regardless if people read it or not, it's purely a creative outlet for me for all things I love: food, scrapbooking, ASL, and anything that's a bit enticing for me at that exact moment. I have many loves and interests, they just bounce around so much I have a hard time sticking to just one, or four, I want to do it all. I want to be it all. So this is an attempt to channel it to one place and that perhaps I may see some real progress in any particular area.

Capeech? (I can hear "uncle Jesse" saying it, but I certainly don't know if I can spell it)

I've been traipsing along different blogs that bring such inspiration and guilt in one fell swoop. (gosh, I can't stop using all those irritating cliche's I hate so much). I'm in search of a new, inspiring project that won't take too much time or resources (read: money). It's taken up my valuable time (when Benji's sleeping) that I hear him playing in his crib and look around at what I haven't gotten done, that is more pressing than a silly project. In comes the flood of guilt, and out goes any productive feelings I may have had earlier. I did start out a bit better than I wound up. Well, the day is young and I think I can get something done. It may take me a few days to pin down the perfect project -- or I may find 10 more impossibly overwhelming ones I'm determined to do. Nevermind that I have a few unfinished ones that have just left me cringing at the thought of finishing them. Bitten off too much? yes. Set the standard of absolute, eat your heart out Martha, perfection a little too too high? definitely. One day I will be the perfect queen of anything crafty, ingenious, etc. Until then, I'm going to have to learn to let go a bit.

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